Lamon’s beans

The Valley of our Estate is the land of the famous Lamon beans, legumes known and renowned throughout the world. Lamon is a legume with a very long history, it is in fact probably the progenitor of all Borlotti beans, of the white and light Gialèt, now a Slow Food presidium, of the Bala Rossa, another local Borlotto bean that has fed the local populations for centuries.

The Valley of our Estate is home to the famous Lamon bean, a legume known and prized all over the world. The Lamon bean has a very long history and is probably the ancestor of all Borlotti beans,the delicate white Gialèt bean, now protected by Slow Food, and the Bala Rossa bean, another Borlotto bean that has fed the local population for centuries.

Delicious legumes

We at Tenuta di Casteldardo grow the well-known, appreciated and delicious Lamon PGI beans, the very rare Slowfood Presidium Gialét and the traditional Feltre Bala Rossa on our land.
We follow the entire process, from cultivation to distribution, with all the passion, experience and competence that has distinguished our work for more than half a century.

We grow them and here, on our website, we put them at disposition, you can buy them directly from us, from the manufacturer. The beans will arrive comfortably at your home thanks to fast shipping and careful packaging. Happy shopping!

Lamon beans


Lamon beans


12 Months


Recycled paper


500 gr.

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